• Fast

    With our expansive global coverage, we rapidly locate your songs, wherever they've played, ensuring prompt and direct payment. No intermediaries, no delays—just results.

  • Direct

    Our no-middleman approach means no leakage – maximizing your income through our complete global licensing and administration platform.

  • Transparent

    We stand alone in offering 100% audit rights to all clients, reinforcing our commitment to transparency and trust in every transaction.

Collecting from the world's leading music platforms in more than 200 territories

Consistently representing over half the Billboard top 203 million songs listened to every dayOver 10 Billion usage lines processed monthly

For songwriters

Without songwriters there is no music. amra exists to represent songs and the diverse, talented group of songwriters that shape the world - maximising the collection of royalties in the quickest and most transparent way.

    For publishers

    Music publishers drive the creation and protection of copyright across our sector. Our platform onboards, enriches and maximises collections of Publisher copyrights, globally.