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AMRA is the first of its kind — a global digital music collection society, built on technology and trust. AMRA is designed to maximize value for songwriters and publishers in today's digital age, while providing the highest level of transparency and efficiency.



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The AMRA Difference

Creators Come First

Creators Come First

AMRA is founded on the fundamental principle that music creators' rights come first, above all else. What's in their best interest drives every piece of our business. With flexible contracts, no complex distribution rules or opaque policies that discriminate or reward certain members, we're 100% aligned with our clients. We are here to ensure rights owners get paid more, faster.

Real Transparency

Real Transparency

AMRA is transparent in every aspect of its business and operations. Clients have full access to all their data, with full transparency on all rates and fees. We believe that all data ultimately belongs to our clients and hold nothing back. That's real transparency.

Kobalt Technology

Kobalt Technology

AMRA licenses Kobalt's KTech technology — the most advanced rights management platform in the world — to directly and efficiently collect, process and account for the billions of micro-transactions in today's complex digital landscape. AMRA operates independently from Kobalt's publishing operations.

AMRA's mission is to maximize value with total transparency for rights owners.

Through cutting edge technology and a direct global digital collections model, AMRA is able to optimize digital revenue collections across all platforms, with full transparency to its clients.

Publisher Services

Global Direct Digital Licensing & Administration

Despite the fact that the major digital music platforms today are all global companies (i.e. Spotify, YouTube, iTunes, etc.), the music industry traditionally collects its revenue at the local and regional levels. This ‘local’ approach creates glaring inefficiencies for all sides: the digital platforms are challenged to clear licenses locally, while the rights holders face an increasingly complex and fragmented collections process, causing needless delays and often inaccurate reporting.

AMRA, on the other hand, takes a global, direct approach to digital licensing, collection and administration, all driven by the most advanced rights management platform, KTech. This streamlined model allows AMRA to increase efficiencies, combating the large margin of uncertainty, delay and error that exists in the current fractured system. Global and direct, AMRA is able to provide its publisher clients with the most transparent and accurate reporting in the industry.

Writer Services

Writer Performance Royalty Collection

We fundamentally believe that technology is the only way to systematically improve the process of collecting writer performance revenue from local societies around the world.

Traditionally, not only has the writer performance share been an inefficiently collected income stream for rights owners, but also opaque, with little to no transparency or detailed reporting.

AMRA takes a different approach to this valuable income stream by leveraging data and tracking technologies that help minimize errors, increase efficiencies, and produce fully transparent reporting to our clients.

AMRA is fully compliant with and adheres to all CISAC rules and binding resolutions for societies.

AMRA is committed to transparency in every aspect of the organization, from governance and infrastructure, to its business rules and the detailed information we provide to our clients.

For publishers and songwriters, this means complete clarity on deal terms, and comprehensive information on all royalties collected. AMRA takes no additional fees or surcharges and distributes all unattributed income. Simply put, 100% of all money received, less our commission and any appropriate taxes, is distributed through to our clients.

For our partners, such as Digital Service Providers, AMRA is fully transparent on all the repertoire we administer, and provides rigorous and clean metadata, and highly efficient tech integration. Kobalt’s KTech technology is designed to work with digital music platforms on a global scale, to accurately process the enormous volume of data.

AMRA prizes openness and accountability in decision-making in all aspects of our business. We are fully compliant with rules and resolutions related to global society governance and operations, including CISAC’s binding Professional Rules and applicable EU Directives.

Clear Contract Terms

Clear Contract Terms

No Hidden Fees

No Hidden Fees

Global Reporting

Global Reporting

Completely Compliant

Completely Compliant

AMRA believes that openness and transparency are fundamental to a growing, thriving music industry. Real and perceived conflicts of interest between stakeholders in the music industry have existed for too long and are often poorly managed. AMRA was built from the ground up to embrace the highest standards.

AMRA engaged PricewaterhouseCoopers (PWC) to undertake a deep analysis on our approach and separation between the Kobalt and AMRA businesses, including but not limited to the confidential tools and information which AMRA as a society has access to but which Kobalt as a publisher must not. As a result, PWC presented AMRA with a list of key business recommendations for a suitable set up.

The executive team is working diligently to implement these recommendations, and are confident that the appropriate processes and controls are either already in place or will be by the necessary time. All confidential information received and tools used by AMRA will be ring fenced.

Read the Launch Statement See the PWC Analysis

PWC Analysis

PWC Analysis

Launch Statement

AMRA’s mission is to set a new industry standard by further enhancing services to rights owners and establishing what we believe will be the most transparent and effective musical rights society anywhere for global digital royalty administration and collections.

We have been working with PwC LLP to assess how the new AMRA services should be delivered within the wider Kobalt Music Group prior to launch. This is to ensure that all stakeholders can have complete confidence in the continued quality, integrity and transparency of our services, and to address any potential conflict of interest questions.

This analysis has been broad, detailed and robust, and represents a significant investment in our services. It reflects the value that we place on all stakeholders trusting us with their business and with their data.

PwC’s analysis identified key business separation recommendations which have helped us put in place appropriate processes and controls to protect AMRA sensitive data and tools from unauthorized access by the wider Kobalt Group.

PwC will review the progress that we have made in implementing these recommendations and will produce a report outlining their findings which will be made available to relevant parties on request.

Executive Team

Tomas Ericsson Tomas Ericsson CEO
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Tomas Ericsson

Tomas brings over 25 years of combined music industry, finance, and professional services roles within the computer, telecom, and entertainment industry. Tomas previously held positions at STIM as CFO, MD of ICE (International Copyright Enterprise, a joint venture between STIM and PRS). Tomas returned to STIM as Executive Director of Media and International Markets in 2009, and in 2010 Tomas was appointed Deputy CEO of STIM. Prior to AMRA, Tomas was President, Society Relations at Kobalt Music Group in New York. Other prior roles include MD at Universal Pictures in Scandinavia, Finance Director for Dell Computers in the Netherlands and Denmark, and VP Finance for Skandia America in New York.

Robin Davies Robin Davies Head of International, GM
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Robin Davies
Head of International, GM

Robin has over 15 years of management experience, across banking, consulting and senior strategy roles. He started his career in investment banking at Barclays Capital, before moving into Management Consulting at PwC. Here, he advised Fortune 500 companies, private equity clients, and startups in organizational design, post M&A integration, and business restructuring. Robin was responsible for the PwC work at AMRA ensuring appropriate business separation between AMRA and the Kobalt Group. Following this work, he moved to Kobalt Music, initially organizing the group around the global technology platform KTech. He then ran the Business Operations team, working with the executive leadership group as the company scaled, before joining AMRA. Here he runs the international business and day to day management through the GM role.

Honey Onile-Ere Honey Onile-Ere Head of Legal
& Global Digital Licensing

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Honey Onile-Ere
Head of Legal
& Global Digital Licensing

Honey has several years of music and media legal and business affairs experience, having qualified at the Warner Music Group.  Honey was Head of Legal & Business Affairs at Warner/Chappell Music Publishing for 10 years, and was then Director of Legal & Business Affairs at BMG Rights.  Most recently, Honey has been a freelance Media Business Affairs Consultant, working with a wide range of media businesses, from majors like Universal Music and (what was) EMI Records, to larger independents like Imagem Music, to smaller companies, like Perfect Songs, and even consulted for AMRA for a few months, back when it was first set up.  In the last few years, Honey has also been involved with the development of emerging music markets, with a particular emphasis on West Africa, working with both labels and publishers, as well as collecting societies in the region.